The Exhibition Center of Sinopharm Group Med-Tech Co., Ltd., as a display window of medical device business of Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd., is located at 2F, Sinopharm University, No. 801 Hutai Road, Shanghai city, covering an area over 1000 square meters. It is mainly divided into several separate areas for showing advanced medical equipments and related med-tech Total solutions within the industry : such as OR center, ICU unit , Pharmacy Automation, Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Services (PIVAS), In-hospital Logistics System , Nosocomial Infection Control, and others.

The Exhibition Center, as an most important place not only for display the distribution products of our company’s, but also as customers’ visit & exchange and internal training center, has been received visitors including hospital customers all over the country, inner Sinopharm Group’s management team , subsidiaries and other industries’ visitors since November 2013. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of this year, it has received over hundreds medical institutions, and over thousands of visitors.

Adhering to the display standard including high-end positioning, superior quality, getting rid of the stale and taking in the fresh, products owning the industry’s leading technology, and with the premise of good display effect, all the staff in the Exhibition Center will provide the most professional and attentive service for the visitors as always.

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