Message from the Chairman

      First of all, on behalf of the Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Sinopharm board, management and staff would like to thank the community for many years the company's care and support.


      Sinopharm Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation subsidiary Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd., is a collection product sales agents, distribution and chain management and after-sales service as one of professional medical equipment companies. In Sinopharm, Sinopharm leadership and board of directors, the company relies on state-controlled resources, and actively promote and implement the strategic vision Sinopharm Holdings, to achieve business objectives Sinopharm a useful exploration.


      As a professional medical products business enterprises, state-controlled instrument with well-known brands Yixie providers and enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation, the company based in Shanghai Yixie market, promote business development and deep, increasing the terminal hospital user coverage and service capabilities, the use of professional and academic promotion of advanced information technology networks, build with suppliers, customers hospital communication platform, improve supply chain management system to achieve accurate, timely, quality product sales Yixie , distribution and value-added services.


      Medical equipment intensive development is the trend of the global device industry development, but also China's "Twelfth Five-Year" development direction of the medical device industry, according to Sinopharm "starting point, the new model, more integration, then across," the theme of development, state-controlled positioning devices in service-oriented, specialty hospital industry overall integrated service operators, focus the overall hospital non-drug business services, and drug distribution synergy benefits, supply chain collaboration to create competitive advantage. Relying on the advantages of state-controlled resources, information, network, through infrastructure, information resources, services platform, technology platform and policy support instrument to advance the development of innovative business models, such as hospital sterilization centers, independent laboratory services model to achieve the country leapfrog development control instruments.


      Sinopharm Medical Devices Co., Ltd. has a professional, good at pioneering Yixie marketing team, formed a "courage to pursue, diligent and pragmatic," the work atmosphere, Bingcheng Guo drug holding "Care for life, health care," the corporate philosophy, we We will continue with the "love and responsibility" to assume our mission, continuous innovation, self-improvement, and strive to build the medical device supply chain integration services platform for the realization of the state-controlled medical devices by leaps and bounds, for the benefit of society.

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